What is Privacy?

A new installation by Juan Manuel Biaiń

13 - 15 May 2011
Mezzanine level


A new installation by Juan Manuel Biaiń. Name, age, sex, location, interests, marital status, sexual orientation – just one click away lies a mirrored world where this information can be easily accessed and with which anyone can make a story about you.

The expansion of the digital world has become a reality – even more so in the 21st century. We have migrated from the physical reality to the digital one; we have transferred our books, our music, our most intimate thoughts and relationships and entrusted them to a space that we believe to be ours. However, the boundaries of what we call ours and intimate have dramatically changed. We witness the emergence and empowerment of the digital persona – someone with whom corporations, governments and friends interact. How do we control this mirrored us? Who has ownership of our digital persona, and where do we still get to feel private? The park? The street? The tube? Our houses? Fundamentally, what is privacy today?

What is Privacy? questions the very essence of the concept and displays various instances that once used to be private. The installation creates a space where visitors are invited to take an introspection journey and ponder about the effects of surveillance and the new meaning of privacy.

What is Privacy? accompanies Article 12, screening Sat 14 May 2pm in Cinema 1 as part of the London International Documentary Festival.

This event is part of:
London International Documentary Festival 2011


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