Kooky Spooky Shorts (PG*)

A selection of ghoulish and funny shorts

31 October 2010
The Pit

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Recommended age 7+

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They might be short, but they’re definitely not sweet – join us for some ghoulish and funny filmic treats!

Total running time approx. 70 min.

Me and My Monster
In this animation, a lonely little girl decides to overcome her fears and face her monsters.
Dir. Claudia Rothlin, Switzerland, 3mins, 21secs

Figaro Pho - Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders)
Figaro Pho is about a boy swamped by an alphabet of phobias. F igaro is reading on his favorite chair (the toilet) only to be interrupted by a descending spidery visitor...
Dir. Luke Jurevicius , Australia, 1 min 32 sec
The Moon Bird
A dark fairytale about an orphan girl who must outwit a terrible sorceress with the help of a magical lunar bird. Not for the fainthearted!
Dir. The Brothers McLeod, UK, 15 mins

Figaro Pho - Felinophobia (Fear of Cats)
Figaro’s fear of Cats comes to the fore when he hears the horrific sounds of a meowing cat at the front door…
Dir. Luke Jurevicius , Australia, 1 min 32 sec

Frankie is in trouble, big time. How's he going to get out of this one?
Dir. Browne, Philip, Tonkin, UK, 5 min 11 sec

Figaro Pho - Nephophobia (Clouds)
Figaro welcomes blue skies and dances to his favorite spot outside - the edge of a cliff! His moment is ruined by the entry of a tiny cloud floating on the horizon…
Dir. Luke Jurevicius , Australia, 1 min 31 sec

The Lost Thing
A boy finds a curious Lost Thing on the beach, and everyone else is just pretending its not there. He can’t just leave it all alone; but his parents don’t want it living at his house either. How can he help the Lost Thing find its way home?
Dir. Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tann, Australia, 15 min

Figaro Pho – Ylophobia (wood & trees)
Figaro’s phobia comes to the fore when he observes a humanlike face as he grabs a piece of wood to throw on the fire…
Dir. Luke Jurevicius , Australia, 1 min 31 sec

Attracted to the life-like dolls in a doll shop window, a young girl finds herself drawn in to the shop like a moth to a flame.
Dir. Rodrigo Blaas, Spain, 5 min 30 sec

Figaro Pho: Lachanophobia (Vegetables)
In a World War 1 scene we see Figaro in the trenches fighting against a backdrop of approaching vegetables.
Dir. Luke Jurevicius , Australia, 1 min 31 sec

A Tear is Needed
Early in the morning, a little girl is taken to her aunt’s funeral. She wanders off for just a moment, sits down and falls asleep on a grave. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the world of the dead. How will she get back to her parents?
Dir. Kristina Duflova, Czech, 19mins.
Czech with English Subtitles

Figaro Pho: Sciophobia (Shadows)
Figaro lights the candles in his lounge causing his own shadow to change into a menacing shadow creature bent on Figaro's demise.
Dir. Luke Jurevicius, Australia, 1 min 32 sec

Bundle of Joy
In this darkly comedic animation about love, jealousy and revenge, a sausage dog looses the affection of its owners because of the arrival of a real child. The twisted Daschund quickly realizes there is only room for one baby in the family, and plots a way to get rid of his competition.
Dir. Kryan Kelly, Canada, 5 min

Also screening at Genesis Cinema on Sun 31 Oct 12pm.

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