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Perpetual Movements: A Cine-tribute to Carlos Paredes (PG*)

20:45 / Mixing archival film and sound with interviews, 8mm Ďunsteady-camí and optical mosaics, Edgar PÍra's film creates an iridescent portrayt of Portuguese guitar genius Carlos Paredes

27 June 2010
Cinema 1

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Perpetual Movements: A Cine Ė Tribute to Carlos Paredes (Movimentos Perpťtuos - Homenagem a Carlos Paredes) (PG*) 

This is trademark PÍra, but pointed at late Portuguese guitar genius Carlos Paredesí career. It mixes archival film and sound with interviews, 8mm Ďunsteady-camí and optical mosaics to the extreme, to give us an iridescent portrayal of Paredesí genius.

The montage is as relentless as the guitaristís finger-work, the footage as compelling as the music is poignant.

PÍraís method is luxuriously baroque and the remarkable music and Paredesí unassuming demeanour burst through the hordes to give us a counterpoising gist. In the midst, we discover the notoriety Paredesí music brought to the Portuguese guitar, raising it to the rank of an autonomous instrument and transforming it into a symbol of Portuguese music.

Portugal 2006 Dir. Edgar PÍra 68 min.
With English subtitles

Curated by Filmville in partnership with the Embassy of Portugal in London and the Portuguese Cinematheque.

This event is part of:
Sound in Cinema - Music in Film

* Local Classification

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