Hack the Barbican

An experiment in cross-disciplinary collaboration

5 - 31 August 2013 / 09:00



Who is behind, and involved in, Hack the Barbican?
Hack the Barbican is produced by creative workspace engineers The Trampery in association with the Barbican Centre. It is made up of a community of people including artists, technologists, musicians, writers, architects and start-up individuals who have been meeting and working together to form and develop this project. A high proportion of the core volunteers live or work locally and are affiliated with local organisations.

How is Hack the Barbican run?
Hack the Barbican is community run with decisions taken in community meet-ups.

How were projects selected?
An open call for project residencies went out via the Hack the Barbican website and over 200 applications were received. Whilst the initial ambition was to facilitate all proposals, due to the vast number only half could be facilitated. Every project was considered on the same footing.

A key aim was to select projects across a wide range of disciplines and at different stages of development. A particular focus was placed on finding a number of key projects that can act as social catalysts, through the creation of social settings that make it easier for new people to come together, and in their ability to connect people over shared activities or shared interests.


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Barbican Blocks
9 Feb 17 - 1 Sep 17 / Barbican Centre
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Guildhall Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
22 Sep 17 / Milton Court Concert Hall
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Modern Couples
10 Oct 18 - 27 Jan 19 / Art Gallery
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