Hack the Barbican

An experiment in cross-disciplinary collaboration

5 - 31 August 2013 / 09:00



Hack the Barbican will bring dozens of residency projects into the foyers. Here is an introduction to a handful of them:

Penthouse 4C
A half-size replica of the largest flat in the Barbican’s Shakespeare Tower will be reconstructed to host public events. Using the original architectural plans of the apartment the structure will be reconstructed on a low stage in the ground floor foyer space. By placing the ultimate symbol of privately-owned property within the Barbican Centre foyer, the project will enable the public to inhabit this otherwise exclusive zone. Penthouse 4C will host a regular series of events, geared towards using it as a social space like a domestic setting rather than just a stage. These events will be open to Hack The Barbican participants and members of the public alike.

Creator: Lawrence Lek
Website: http://lawrencelek.com

Music Hackspace and Friends
The London Music Hackspace will set up home in the Barbican for the month of August to run a varied programme of activities. Talks and demos every Thursday evening will cover topics including hack- ing musical interfaces, coding real-time audio appli- cations, circuit bending for beginners, how to build a mini-theremin, introduction to Max/MSP/Supercol- lider and creating instruments out of kitchen imple- ments. A strand of workshops will bring together people who have successfully run music-tech Kickstarter projects to share what they’ve learned. Performance sessions will include Leafcutter John, Iris Garrelfs, Kaffe Matthews and Sharon Gal.

Creator: London Music Hackspace
Website: http://musichackspace.org

Cave of Sounds
An interactive sound installation exploring the power of music to bind individuals together and the visceral urge to use technology to broadcast our identity. Formed of eight bespoke electronic instruments arranged in a circle with sticks laid in the ground in the manner of prehistoric rituals, the work seeks to disrupt the boundaries between performer and audience. Visitors are invited to participate and experiment with new ways of creating and connecting with each other through sound, and every aspect of the work is crafted to entice participation and provoke participants to experiment and interact. Musical connections between participants are visualised through a floor projection and the instruments are networked allowing them to adjust their sounds to converge musically.

Creator: Tim Murray-Browne
Website: http://timmb.com

Unmoored will install a weather station on the roof of the Barbican and use the data it generates to drive an imaginary airship, floating through the world and the web. The information it gathers as it goes - what it sees, what it learns, its location and direction - will be broadcast back into the Barbican via the tannoy and plasma screen systems, incorporating sound and visual effect, turning the whole Barbican into one vast free-floating ship.

Creator: James Bridle
Website: http://shorttermmemoryloss.com

View the programme at http://lanyrd.com/2013/hackthebarbican/schedule/


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