Curious Unfinished


6 July 2017 / 11:00
Barbican Exhibition Halls
Booking not required

Immerse yourself in a day of performances, games, installations and workshops as you observe, contribute, participate and make or alter, remove, change and play.

Artists have long questioned the boundaries between artist and audience: from Allan Kaprow’s happenings - artistic performances that were shaped by audience participation; to Joseph Beuy’s social sculpture theory of the world where everyone is an artist. Join an eclectic mix of guest artists and Guildhall School staff, students and alumni as they take over the Barbican Exhibition Halls for an immersive day of happenings and performances. 

The Unfinished event will also be conducted as an un-conference, or participant-led meeting. The agenda will be set by those participating and there will be points in the day when the group will be facilitated to enable constructive group discussions to take place.

If you are able to attend for the whole day and be part of the developing conversation it will be an opportunity to meet others and be part of a unique and on-going self-organised discussion.

Unfinished is co-curated by Nell Catchpole and Jan Hendrickse

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