Barbican Weekender

1 - 2 March 2014 / 13:00
The Pit

Participation is free, but ticketed.
Limited availability (age restriction 16+)

To participate, please call the box office on 0845 120 7511 before the Weekender, or visit the advance box office on the day to book your ticket.

Audiences of any age can come and watch free of charge.

Check out the Weekender microsite here 

Join seventeen others and play an exciting new game in the dark Wearing a techno-suit of lights and muscle-reflexive sensors, as a player you must collect light tokens hidden in the dark. Play solo or form a team and share your energy to win. Whether you’re watching or playing, this game will reveal how you react when the lights go out.

Each game lasts 40min

Marling, by Usman Haque from haque d+r on Vimeo.

Artists: Umbrellium

This event is part of:
Barbican Weekender: We Create

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