Hack the Barbican

An experiment in cross-disciplinary collaboration

5 - 31 August 2013 / 09:00


View the Hack the Barbican schedule for full weekly schedules of events taking place throughout the Barbican.

For four weeks in August, the Barbican hands over its foyer spaces to a collective of artists, technologists and entreprenuers. The foyers will become home to dozens of discipline-bending installations, performances, workshops and discussions. The participants include painters, computer scientists, sculptors, hardware hackers, teachers, musicians and everything in between.

Coding, visual work and fabrication will carry on in hack-spaces set up in the Barbican foyers. Site-specific projects will hijack areas of the Barbicanís labyrinthine brutalist interior and turn them into games, performances and installations. Even the Barbicanís publicity screens and audio announcement system may be prone to unusual behaviour.

Members of the public are welcome to visit Hack the Barbican any time during the day or evening. Thereíll be chances to visit work in progress, experience completed projects, watch performances, join talks and meet the makers. Some projects are live for the whole month, others for shorter periods. Thereíll be events and workshops for children and young people.

Find out more on the Hack the Barbican website or follow @hackthebarbican on Twitter

Hack The Barbican is produced by creative workspace engineers, The Trampery in association with the Barbican.


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