Arts School Lab

17 - 28 June 2013 / 00:00
Barbican Centre

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Arts School Lab 2013 is a two-week summer school focused on collaboration, creativity and a real engagement with contemporary life. It is an intensive learning programme intended to bring together creative people with an active curiosity about ideas and action through the arts.

Core Tutors include film-maker and director Penny Woolcock, artist and co-founder of muf architecture/art, Katherine Clarke with architect Liza Fior, movement director Andrew Dawson, photographer Sarah Ainslie and philosopher and historian Theodore Zeldin. Curated by Emma Ridgway.

Arts School Lab requires an open mind because it explores the idea of ‘unlearning’ conventions and education through conversation and practical experiences. This year’s project follows on from the success of Arts School Lab 2012, which explored art and social change informed by educational ideas from the Bauhaus (1919–33). In 2013, the project is influenced by ideas from Black Mountain College (1933–54), the American avant-garde arts school centred on freedom and experiential education. The principle of this arts education was to reconnect art with life, educating the whole person to become fully awake to life. 

Comments from participants on Arts School Lab 2012:

  • ‘It was a liberating experience and has encouraged me to engage with many people to try out new approaches in my work.’'
  • 'I unlearned and learned new methods of creating.’
  • ‘I can now understand my role as an artist in society with clarity and confidence’.
  • ‘It has opened my eyes to new opportunities.’

  • Arts School Lab 2013 is supported by using public funding from Arts Council England


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