Barbican Box

Barbican / Guildhall Creative Learning commission

10 November 2012 - 31 July 2013 / 12:00
Various venues


Each year, Barbican / Guildhall Creative Learning commission a theatre artist or company to design and curate the Barbican Box, providing an idea, an artistic starting point, from which teachers and students devise their own play.  We pose the same question to our artistic partner – ‘what would you put in the Barbican Box?’ Inspired by the theatre work presented on the Barbican’s stages every year, imagination and creativity are at the heart of Barbican Box.

This year Complicite has designed the box which will take the shape of a battered old suitcase belonging to a mystery neuroscientist. Inside each suitcase, students will discover fragments of this person's life, clues which they will have to piece together as they build their own work around the traces their mystery figure has left behind.

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Part of Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain
A season to light up the mind
In partnership with the Wellcome Trust


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