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Surreal Solar Cinema

A specially curated selection of our favourite Surreal themed films and shorts, served in bite sized portions as befits this mini-cinema - the solar powered film caravan

24 - 25 July 2010 / 11:30
Silk Street

Free - spaces are limited per performance

Entrance to Silk Street, 11.30am – 6pm

Join us in our very own solar powered film caravan as we celebrate the Surreal on screen for a specially curated selection of our favourite surreal themed films and shorts, served in bite sized portions as befits this mini-cinema.
FREE, first come first in!
Age restrictions apply


David Lynch: Strange Worlds (15)
To complement the Surreal Film House (11 Jun - 22 Jul) we pay solar cinema mini-tribute to the genius writer, director, artist and modern-day sultan of strange David Lynch, celebrating those funny, scary, abstract, wonderful moments on Planet Lynch, where nothing stays normal for long…
20 min.

LUX: Home Stories (15)
Taking its title from Matthias Muller’s award winning Home Stories, this unmissable selection of artists short film has been specially selected by LUX for Barbican Weekender’s Sol Cinema, to complement The Surreal House. Also including Ursula Mayer’s Interiors, Sebastian Buerkner’s Purple Grey and Hus by Inger Lise Hansen, the films examine our relationship with our living environment and offer a new way to look at our homes.
24 min.

Shot in Ernö and Ursula Goldfinger's home in Hampstead, '…Mayer's film highlights the absence of a feminine presence in architecture and film by means of a sequence of encounters, some of which seem like stills and espouse an increased focus on female characters in film and cultural history, in the tradition of Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills.' - Walter Seidel
UK 2006 Dir. Ursula Mayer 3 min.
Colour and B&W, Sound (Optical)

Purple Grey
A vivid imagination can be a seductive but debilitating distraction from life. Twisted fantasies, associations and flashbacks offer an enticing escape, and even a mundane room may be made more bearable by mentally morphing space and time. But in this instance the unhindered and infinite virtual flood of imagery and meaning turns into an insensitive, dreary obstruction.
UK 2006 Dir. Sebastian Buerkner 8 min.
Colour, Sound

Hus is a film which attempts to reveal the private and hidden layers of our habitation. It is a live animation film shot on location which incorporates both pixilation (stop motion) and time-lapse photography. Every single shot of the film opens up a hidden layer of the house and exposes it to the passing light. Within the accelerated time of the film the house gradually breaks down piece by piece and frame by frame. Once the house is completely dismantled it is reconstructed in a different location. Hus is a film about time and processes, about disintegration and construction.
Norway/UK 1998 Dir. Inger Lise Hansen 7 min.
Colour, Sound (Magnetic)

Home Stories
Müller’s painstakingly realised film is a fascinating collage of Hollywood melodramas of the 1950s and 1960s, filmed directly from the television set. The constantly recurring motifs place the starlet protagonists in increasingly menacing situations in their homes, concentrating the dramatic shift from the familiar to the eerieand highlighting how women become the victims of the voyeuristic glance of film.
West Germany 1990 Dir. Matthias Müller 6 min.

A Madcap Mix
Sit back and relax in the Solar Cinema for some brand new short films for families. Marvel at the surreal animated world that one boy finds when he gets swallowed by his own tummy button in Joseph's Snails, smile at the playground romance that unfolds in See Saw Sweethearts and laugh at the gang of crazy underground creatures who chase their sleepwalking friend in Not Again!
20 min. Some films with subtitles. 6+

Part of CREATE10


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