Song Dong: Waste Not

15 February 2012 - 12 June 2012
The Curve


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'The installation is infinitely photogenic, endlessly distracting. It comes with a gripping backstory' Time Out ★★★

'Chinese artist Song Dong turns clutter into artwork' - BBC London (Interview)

'A life told in stuff. Most of it useless and unlovely, and yet strangely affecting' - The Independent★★★★

'Song's installation is a more involving and reflective experience' - Evening Standard★★★

'This is a special collection. It has been gathered together with love' - The Financial Times

'Creating a work called Waste Not... the slogan was drummed into the Chinese population during the cultural revolution: nothing was thrown away in case it could be used later' - The Guardian

'Beautiful and obsessive, it has the power of appeal for all of us' - The Flaneur

'Song Dong's Waste Not at the Barbican in pictures' - The Guardian 

'Its true my art is a load of rubbish' - The Sun

'My favourite object is the soap... My mother collected the soap during the time of the Cultural Revolution and some pieces are older than me' - Dazed Digital

'This month's must see' - REcreative


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