New Scientist Presents: The Gamers’ Club


13 July 2017
Frobisher Auditorium 1
What if virtual worlds become better than reality?

Reality is overrated. That's the provocation for The Gamers’ Club, in which New Scientist Analysis Editor Sally Adee talks to gamer and playwright Lucy Prebble, author of Enron and The Effect, and Pat Kane, curator of FutureFest and author of The Play Ethic. Virtual reality is being touted as a solution to everything from everyday drudgery to a shortage of empathy – but what do we stand to lose by leaving physical reality behind?

About this series

New Scientist Presents: The Tomorrow Club

Is the golden age of exploration just beginning? Who decides what the future looks like? What if virtual worlds become better than reality? And should we accept that humanity's time is up?

New Scientist presents a series of conversations on the themes of the Barbican’s landmark exhibition, Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction. Leading scientific and cultural figures will explore how today’s cutting-edge ideas, discoveries and inventions inspire the literature, art and games of tomorrow – and vice versa.

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