Find Yourself

Alex Mead and Jack Wates

28 March 2017 - 21 May 2017
Booking not required

For the inaugural Concert Hall Wall commission, the Barbican held an open call and invited people to respond to the phrase ĎWhatís going on here, then?í Find Yourself by Alex Mead and Jack Wates proposes a projected tapestry of live video feeds from around the Hallís adjacent spaces; audiences can explore the foyers to discover themselves in the work.

When spaces are vacant, the tapestry sits as a collage of abstract textures and once inhabited is transformed into a patchwork of people, colour and movement. Find Yourself encourages visitors to explore the Barbicanís spaces whilst contemplating the fabric of the building and their place in it. 

Installations are occasionally inaccessible due to large scale events taking place across the Centre, please check the website for further information.

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