Shall I This Time Hold You?

Sophie Clements

21 February 2017 - 21 May 2017
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The Barbican’s ongoing series of foyer commissions continues with Shall I This Time Hold You? by Sophie Clements, a large-scale projection and surround sound work that explores the beauty captured in a chance moment. 

Shall I This Time Hold You? documents the split second after a dramatic moment of change – a series of gun powder explosions are frozen in time using state-of-the-art bullet time photography, producing seemingly tangible impossible objects. These ‘objects’ are displayed as a series of large scale video projections across a five metre screen, and are accompanied by a multi-channel score by Jo Wills and Sophie Clements, constructed from audio recorded during the shoot. 

The title of the piece is taken from the dedication at the beginning of Goethe’s ‘Faust’, in which he speaks of memory and the futile yearning to return and hold onto that moment which is passed. Playing with notions of ephemerality and duration, the installation is both a celebration of the present moment and a wistful look at how people deal with change and the passing of time. 

Shall I This Time Hold You? is created through a highly technical process, involving a 96 camera rig using bespoke triggering systems to capture materials in ways not seen before. The installation is a reworking of material originally commissioned by Dolby, and shown at Dolby HQ, San Francisco, USA, 2016. 

Installations are occasionally inaccessible due to large scale events taking place across the Centre, please check the website for further information.

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