David Hunter: Approximate

8 October 2016
Mezzanine level
Booking not required
Former Fish Island Labs artist David Hunter investigates image, self, and climate change in his interactive installation Approximate.

Throughout civilisation humans have made artistic and sculptural works to commemorate gods, leaders, loved ones; from giant heads carved in rock, through portraiture to selfies. Now, through the evolution and democratisation of technology, capturing and commemorating ourselves has never been easier.

Approximate merges the monumental statues of ancient civilisations with the selfies of today’s digital society in a compelling visual spectacle. A huge, translucent head, similar to the ancient artefacts found on Easter Island, interacts with audiences through cameras and facial recognition software. As the head recognises a face in front of it, it renders an approximation of it in a low resolution grid of lights. When no face is recognised, the head processes and renders live climate data - a reflection on the potential cost to the environment as humans use nature’s resources to recreate impressions of themselves.

David Hunter is a multidisciplinary designer and programmer, creating data-driven interactive experiences for spaces and screens.

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Produced by Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning


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