On Site

10 - 11 November 2011
Exhibition Hall

£6 online/£9 on the door

Time: 7.30 & 9.15pm

Please note, this event takes place in Barbican Exhibition Halls 1, located on Golden Lane.

See 'directions' tab for details on how to get there.

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To complement Barbican Art Gallery’s OMA/Progress exhibition, the Map/making group has been given the exciting opportunity to work in Exhibition Hall 1, one of the Barbican's largest spaces that is at a transitional moment in its history - semi-derelict and vast, and in a limbo between uses - to create a site-specific installation of imagery, electric sounds and live music. 

As you enter, be guided through this darkened space, experiencing a series of immersive installations, video projections, performed pieces and combinations of live and electronic music - each produced in response to the building's unique character, from its scale and weight, to its tiny shadowed corners opening into great voids of almost sports stadium-like proportions. Through the talent of the MAP's sound-artists and musicians, the voice of the building - its echoes, resonances and vibrations - is heard like never before, and its spaces are revealed by light and colour.

Poetic, awe-inspiring, intimate, humorous and surprising, the performances also touch on wider issues relating to the built environment; how confusing and disorientating the city can be; how people use and remember buildings, and above all, how beauty can be discovered in even the most neglected or derelict corners of our towns and cities.

On Site is commissioned by Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning, and is directed by visual artist, Sophie Clements and musician, Nell Catchpole. The artists and musicians are alumni of the Royal College of Art and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

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MAP/making International
Launched in 2000 with generous support from the Leverhulme Trust, the MAP/making project (MAP = Music, Art and Performance ) has provided visual artists from the Royal College of Art and musicians from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama the opportunity to collaborate on a wide variety of innovative projects, ranging from interpretations of the classical repertoire to contemporary sound 'sculpture', acoustics, electronics, pieces developed for formal concert-hall settings and site-specific installations, and from prepared, composed music to open improvisation.

Founded by Dan Fern (RCA) and Sean Gregory (GSMD), MAP/making has been based on a process of experimental collaborative practice involving cross-disciplinary workshops, residencies, seminars, open rehearsals and live performances.

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