Salon: Public Occasion Agency

3 November 2011
Art Gallery


time: 7-10pm

This event takes place in Barbican Art Gallery Events Space, located in Barbican Art Gallery, Level 3

Join Public Occasion Agency as they examine architecture as a starting point for asking questions rather than proposing fixed solutions. Led by instigators Jan Nauta, Scrap Marshall and guests.

Guests include: Madelon Vriesendorp, Brett Steele, Carol Patterson, Fenna Haakma Wagenaar and Shumon Basar

Moderated by: Sam Jacob

A world-renowned architectural firm, OMA has redefined the nature of research and design during the past 40 years. Through constant engagement with contemporary culture OMA has also become an important ‘educational model.’ As a pedagogic informant, OMA is widely used to inform academic agendas, give form to working methods and question both the practice and structure of architectural research as a means to explore and question the way we live today. This event will bring together various individuals that use/abuse the OMA model as a means to provoke new ways of ‘learning’ in its most fixed and loosest terms. Invited guests range from former employees, to academics, collaborators, friends and founding partners.

The event will consist of a number of short presentations of individual experiences that will act as a springboard for an open discussion about the role of OMA as ‘educator’. 

POA have asked all the contributors to you bring one fragment: such as either an object, a story, a short film, a piece of work, a short statement etc with regard to the overall theme mentioned above. On the basis of these fragments we aim to start both an anecdotal and opinionated discussion on the role of ‘OMA as educator’, that involves as much audience and contributor participation as possible.

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