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Area 10: Knowledge of the Hidden

Barbican Lates

3 July 2010


Time: 6pm till late

6pm till late

Join Area10 , the artist-led project group, for an evening of occult and paranormal arts, featuring live performances, film, and experiments.

Works on the night include EVP experiments with Philip Julian and brain waves readings by Ryan Jordan and Mick Grierson. Watch ritual cinematic experiences from Raymond Salvatore Harmon, experience Nihal Yesils' Night Crawl, or revisit the Dream Machines by James Elphick; journey through the past 4000 years of human culture with Nick Lamberts' Oculus; and psycho-navigate yourselves through Tonesuckers hypnotically constructed performances.

Artists on the night

"Rorschach Audio" is a project designed to investigate occult, parapsychological and pseudo-scientific research, and to critique the use of "Electronic Voice Phenomena" or ghost-voice recordings in electronic music and contemporary sound art.

Described by The Guardian as producing "some of the most beautiful installations around" and by The Metro as "the black-ops unit of the avant garde", Disinformation is a sound art and electronic music project, which, since 1995, pioneered the use of electromagnetic noise from live mains, electricity, lightning, railway and IT hardware, magnetic storms and the sun etc, to produce sound installations.

JAMES ELPHICK: The Dreamachine
Artistic director and curator of Guerrilla Zoo. James Elphick presents a prototype of his re-interpretation of William S Burroughs and Brion Gysinís cult stroboscopic hallucination-inducing flicker device, The Dreamachine.

JONATHAN KEMP: Swedenborg's Angels
Jonathan Kemp is an artist involved in the elaboration of life-coding strategies usually by way of some breton-brut sleights of hand. In the spirit of the free software movement, open investigation and experimentation with materials and DIY production methods, Kemp creates a range of speculative and situational installations in the Barbican.

NIHAL YESIL: Night Crawl
Nihal Yesil is a conceptual artist working in photography, sculpture, installation, video and performance-to-camera. For the Barbican, Yesil creates a sculpture appearing as a photograph, slide or a video, which is personalised through performative titles in order to break the agreement around the implicitness of things.

The installation Oculus focuses on the human desire to measure and quantify the passing of time, and the ancient concept of time as a cyclical form. Inspired by the geometry of the rose windows of European medieval cathedrals, the translucent colors of the stained glass are combined with other monuments to time created by human cultures: from stone circles and domes to the Large Hadron Collider.

PHILIP JULIAN: Stochastic Resonance 03/07/10
Philip Julian has been an active part of the experimental music underground since the late 1990ís recording numerous works under the name Cheapmachines. Studio recordings and live performances within Europe and North America have focused on the use of analogue electronics (particularly analogue synthesizer, feedback, contact microphones, objects and surfaces) and computer based works.

RAYMOND SALVATORE HARMON: Dweller on the Threshold
Over the course of the past decade Harmon has developed the theoretical and practical applications for the use of Transcendental Cinema in occult ritual. Utilizing texts such as the Gates of Light (an early work of Hebraic mysticism, kabbalah) and Aleister Crowley's Book of Lies, Harmon's occult based films work as advanced meditative tools for use in occult rituals and the expansion of the conscious mind.

RYAN JORDAN & DR. MICK GRIERSON: Hallucinations, Visions, snd Mind Control
Members of the public are invited to wear Ryan Jordans' home built hallucination goggles. Placing these over their eyes they will expose themselves to strobe lighting which they can tune and control to adjust the frequency until they find themselves in a trance or hallucinating. While this is taking place Dr. Mick Grierson will have attached to their skulls an EEG device which will read the brain states of possessed individuals. Their brain waves will control Dr. Griersons' carefully constructed noise films and synthesis.

TONESUCKER: Barbican Investigation
Tonesucker explore the psychogeographical idea that sites resonate the past, shaping our experience of them now, often without our awareness. In and around the Barbican area, there have been: a tributary of the River Fleet, a Roman fortification, the biggest medieval brew house in London, the Whitecross Debtors Prison, a railway goods yard, plus much more. Using soundscape and hydrophone recordings, Tonesucker will scan the electromagnetic spectrum, amplifying weak signals, subtle forces and resonating spaces, to channel the psychogeographical character of the Barbican in sound and image.

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