The Haunted House

2 September 2010
Art Gallery

Tickets from £8 online and includes same day admission to the exhibition
Time: 6:30–10pm

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On the Couch

With best selling author, magician and psychologist, Richard Wiseman.

A special screening of Brian Catling and Tony Grisoni ’s extraordinary film Vanished! A Video Séance (1999), a recreation of an apparently true story in which a family living in an isolated house on the Isle of Man received visitations from Gef, a mongoose-like creature with yellow human hands.
Vanished! A Video Seance - Review

Acclaimed artist Aura Satz presents her interactive haunted cabinet, I Am Anagram , inspired by Hans Bellmer’s notion of the body as a plastic anagram. Using techniques derived from stage magic, Satz’s cabinet induces phantom limbs and sensory ghosts.

Elsewhere in The Surreal House, acclaimed artist Mark Aerial Waller presents a series of tableau vivants. Also a chance to see Tessa Farmer’s film An Insidious Intrusion which presents a macabre world of delicately constructed fairy folk, battling giant insects in the nooks and crannies of the Natural History Museum.

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