26 August 2010
Conservatory Garden Room

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Start the Bank Holiday early with a decadent night of performances from Ryan Styles , La John Joseph, Johnny BlueEyes, The Readers, Lucy Longlegs… and many others!

Johnny BlueEyes (House of Blue Eyes) and Lara Clifton (Whoopee/Republic of She), two luminaries of London’s avant-garde performance scene, have joined forces in order to curate ‘Erotic’, a one-off night of exotic surrealist adventures occurring amid the greenery of one of London’s hidden treasures… the Barbican conservatory - a “tropical garden in the sky”! Johnny and Lara will call upon the cream of London’s underground club and art scene for a night of performance, art, dance, poetry, installations, fashion, photo shoots, experimental sounds and pole dancing.

Performances Include:

A very special appearance from Clowny, the bizarre pole-dancing alter-ego of Johnny Blue Eyes . Sighted at many of London’s avant-garde fashion and underground art happenings in the last few years but never before at the Barbican.

Acclaimed performer Ryan Styles will present 'Art POP' which takes inspiration from from Bauhaus ballet, 60's Warhol imagery and MTV music videos.

Art / musical collective The Readers will perform musical fusion of transcendental post-avant-punk and neo-classicadelica, using a range of instruments, from vintage electronica and handmade Theremins, to the musical saw and harmonized glasses, as well as both classical and untrainable singers.

Performance from La JohnJoseph , an artist who explores the creation and dislocation of power in cultural matrices through performance, text, and art objects.

Remember to dress up!

Run Riot Interview Johnny Blue Eyes and Lara Clifton

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