Architectural Playgrounds

18 February 2010
Art Gallery

Free to same day ticket holders
Time: 6:30pm-10pm

Channel your inner playfulness and explore immersive installations and live performances in the gallery. For one night only, artists and performers play with the architecture of the gallery and create interactive and experiential structures for you to enjoy.

With thanks to Vanessa Carlos and Charlotte Appleyard, Barbican Art Gallery is proud to present......

Edward Fornieles
"My Little Honey Touch or English Oak Descending"
Enter this experiential structure at your own peril! "I lay next to her sleeping body, just about able to feel her through the sleeping bag. Pretending to sleep I moved against her. The distance covered was centimetres over many hours."

Ian Giles
"All Together Now. Work 2: a,e,i,o,u "
A choir of 32 members dispersed in the gallery each repeat a word when conducted. Every word takes on its own form whilst combining together with the others to create a sea of language within the newly formed, contained sound space.

Hideki Mathumoto
"A Shape of the World " firework display
Architect Bernard Tschumi conceived a mirror image of the landscaped Parc de la Villette in Paris as a firework display in the sky above. He described fireworks as "the greatest architecture of all", created for pure pleasure and gratuitous consumption. In this piece, sound and light create an inverted firework display within a building, using the surrounding architecture of the Barbican Art Gallery to replace the night sky. This sound and light display is accompanied by a poster mapping the annual occurrence of fireworks around the globe, connecting annual festivals and celebrations as a continuous, looping trail.

Ilona Sagar
"Degrees of Enclosure"
By utilising the strange aura which the Barbican estate commands, Degrees of Enclosure transforms the Barbican's architecture into a sublime science fiction landscape, a place between fiction and reality. The piece reflects on the recognisable features of this famous landmark, whilst drawing attention to the recurrent themes of its design. The non-narrative piece follows the choreographed movements of disparate, yet uniformly dressed set of characters. The figures act as comparator, their human scale emphasising the theatrical dynamics of the space which they move through. Degrees of Enclosure seeks to create a sense of expectation, never reaching a conclusion, drawing the viewer into a never-ending sequence of events and tableaux.

Spoken text which accompanies the film was written by Adam Nathaniel Furman and read by Joel Sams. Dancers: Georgina Hay, Aneta Hymka, Elizabeth Streeter, Elaine Thomas.

Erin Newell
Dis- creates an inversion between the viewer’s forward bend to experience the work through a structure, opposed to the backward performed bend in the video and contained within the structure. The symmetry between these two actions forms the foundation of the piece; both bends are awkward and strenuous, a test of endurance for the performer, but also the viewer.

Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome and Andrew McAulay
From Something to Nothing

Choreographed by Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome
Danced by Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome and Andrew McAulay

Whilst playfully exploring the expectations and interactions between performers, and performers and audience, the dancers will explore a stripped down reality of a formal presentation.
Tasks for two people in a structured time and space. 

Georgi Manassiev
A construction of functioning swings that double up as washing machines offers an inventive solution for this task outside of its normal domestic enclosure.

Bee Emmott
"Blind : Fold"
Sculptures are created through projections onto the architectural spaces of the gallery, playing with the audience's perception of 2 and 3 dimensions, surface and depth. The work attempts to alter the audience's experience of the exhibition, commenting on the rich material and spatial qualities of the room and the objects that surround the viewer.

Pablo Smidt
An interactive structure inspired by the nest of the South American Ornero bird.

Valerian Gagnaire
"Electric City"
An interactive installation of light structures controlled by your choice of music.

Corinne Bacon, Matthew Brown, Manolis Kelaidis, Peter Marigold, Dr. Alan Outten, Duncan Wilson
A surreal landscape of concept furniture representing architectural human forms and inspired by avid gamers blocking light from reflecting onto their gaming screens.

Ross McNicol
The artist explores structures and geometries in natural structures.

Liam Newham 
A performance devised as an intervention on the audience's personal space.

Olympia Scarry
The audience is invited to take apart this sculpture brick-by-brick and carry a remnant home with them to release into the river– a joint act of liberation for the viewer and for the artist through her loss of control over the structure.

DJ Bob Stanley of Saint-Etienne fame adds to the fun-filled atmosphere with his selection of groovy 1970s themed tunes.

Join friends at the Absolut bar
Absolut Vodka
have joined up with Ron Arad ’s ex-students - designers Tom Foulsham and Valentin Vodev - to celebrate Ron Arad:Restless with a special bar! Tom and Valentin, who have created the mechanisms in the exhibition that make Arad’s designs rock, wobble and bounce, have constructed an exclusive mobile Absolut Bar which will appear every Thursday evening at Barbican Art Gallery to quench your thirst and inspire your imaginations.

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This event is part of:
Ron Arad: Restless

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