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The Barbican Exhibition: Chamberlin, Powell & Bon Architects
Come explore our free The Barbican Exhibition: Chamberlin, Powell & Bon Architects on display in the Foyer.
25 Sep 14 - 17 May 15 / Foyer, Level G / Foyers
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Exhibition Tour with Lydia Yee
Guided tour of the Magnificent Obsessions exhibition
Part of: Magnificent Obsessions Events
27 Feb 15 / Art Gallery
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Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector
From mass-produced memorabilia to one-of-a-kind curiosities, explore the fascinating personal collections of artists.
Part of: Magnificent Obsessions Events
12 Feb 15 - 25 May 15 / Art Gallery
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Roman Signer: Slow Movement
Renowned for his sculptural installations and video, Roman Signer uses the kayak as a symbolic entity to push everyday objects and situations to absurd ends.
4 Mar 15 - 31 May 15 / The Curve
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