Roujin Z (15) + introduction

Anime's Human Machines

Roujin Z

Japan has one of the world’s largest economies and a highly advanced technological sector. Japan’s Right wants to re-militarise. Japan has a rapidly ageing population. Three issues, one outcome?

When a student nurse finds that her patient, a dying widower, has been volunteered to test a new robotic bed, she’s worried. True, the bed can take complete care of the patient – clean, feed, medicate and exercise him – but what about the human touch?  She persuades a group of geriatric hackers to install a vocal simulation of the patient’s late wife in the bed’s AI.

The outcome? The AI decides to fulfil his last wish and take him to the seaside, where he and his wife were happy. The reactor that powers it threatens to run amok, and the failsafe involves encasing bed and patient in concrete. And the bed itself turns out to have some unadvertised and very surprising features. Can a student nurse and a gang of old geezers save the day?

Japan 1991 Dir Hiroyuki Kitakubo 78 min

Screening in Japanese with English subtitles

Supported by Wellcome


Sasakawa Foundation

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