Bitesize Barbican: The Dance WE Made

Casson & Friends

Image of a dancer and a young girl in China Town. The dancer is showing her a fun dance move and the girl is laughing

Four dancers collect ideas from the public to create a joyous dance performance, animating the Barbican Foyers. 

After gathering your moves by using prompts such as 'what's your favourite type of pasta' and 'how did you meet?', the four dancers will piece together a movement puzzle to create a lively show on the Freestage. Don't worry if you can't stay to watch the final performance, you can view the show video online - a fun memory from the day.
In 2012, The Dance WE Made set the world record for a dance piece created by the largest number of choreographers - 152 people contributed to the piece.
Casson & Friends are a UK-based dance theatre company, that collaborate with a broad range of artists and audiences, to create work that is accessible, interactive and joyful.
Launched in 2017, Bitesize Barbican is a series of free performances presented at lunchtime in the Barbican Foyers.


11.30 – 12.00: Collecting moves

12.00 – 12:30: Rehearsing on the Freestage

12:30 – 13:00: Collecting moves

13:00 – 13:25: Rehearsal

13.25: Final performance

Presented by the Barbican
Supported by the Romilly Walton Masters Award

The Dance WE Made has been supported by Big Dance, Sadler's Wells, The Swarm, Legacy Trust UK, Arts Council England, Mayor of London, British Council and Camper.


‘It's a creative project that...exemplifies the creative force in each and every one of us.‘
The Huffington Post
‘Demystified choreography in an unpretentious & engaging way‘
Writing About Dance


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