Vanessa Winship

Untitled from the series Humber

Vanessa Winship
Fri 22 Jun – Sun 2 Sep 2018, Barbican Art Gallery 
Media View, Thu 21 Jun, 10am – 1pm 


Opening 22 June 2018, Barbican Art Gallery is proud to present the first major UK solo exhibition in a public gallery of British contemporary photographer Vanessa Winship. The recipient of the prestigious Henri Cartier-Bresson prize in 2011, Winship’s poetic gaze explores the fragile nature of our landscape and society, how memory leaves its mark on our collective and individual histories. Winship’s oeuvre captures the ‘transition between myth and the individual’, revealing deeply intimate photographs that often appear to avoid specific contexts or any immediate political significance. The exhibition brings together an outstanding selection of more than 150 photographs, many never been seen before in the UK. Opening 22 June at Barbican Art Gallery, Vanessa Winship is part of the Barbican's 2018 season, The Art of Change, which explores how the arts respond to, reflect and potentially effect change in the social and political landscape.

One of the highlights is Winship’s series Imagined States and Desires: A Balkan Journey and Black Sea: Between Chronicle and Fiction, which investigates notions around periphery and edge on the frontiers of Eastern Europe, expressing the human condition through a vulnerable, yet intentionally incomplete, narrative. Also presented, and perhaps her best known work, is the recent series she dances on Jackson which followed the paths of masters such as Robert Frank and William Eggleston, capturing an uncertain America that has the sense of the interior dislocation she encountered in Eastern Europe. Here, the economic recession and the decline of the American dream have left people with a lack of prospect, resulting in the politics of parochialism and a deep suspicion of the other.