Instagrammer in Residence: Silje Bergum

photo of shadow on a building
1 May 2019
3 min read

Inviting emerging Instagrammers from around London to experience life at the Barbican and share their photography 


Our May Instagrammer in Residence is Silje Bergum (@silje_bergum), whose Instagram feed captures still life moments and architectural details in a new light.

Can you please introduce yourself?

Born and raised in between the fjords and mountains of Norway, I’m now a Graphic Designer living the busy 'big city life' in London. With an interest for everything related to print, photography, and art in general, you can usually find me doing one or the other when I’m not designing.


What inspires you about the Barbican and its neighbourhood?

Everything from the history behind it to the aesthetic itself. It’s so unique and visually interesting it’s hard not to be intrigued and inspired. As a foreigner I’d never heard of the Barbican until I moved here – and now, almost four years later, I can’t even tell you have many times I’ve been there. 


Which five Instagram accounts should everyone follow?

@cubicle – Shini Park is an amazing photographer and designer, who I very much look up to. And if you want a little laugh, her Instagram story are to die for as well. 

@edvinasbruzas – Another designer and photographer combo. If you love a calm and beautiful aesthetic, you’ll love Edvinas. 

@wecouldgrowup2gether – Honestly, it’s one of the the most unique and inspiring Instagram accounts I’ve ever seen. It’s a burst of beautiful creativity, and that’s the only way I can describe it. 

@studioveronicaditting – Veronica is one of my favourite designers, and is actually based here at the Barbican. Her stunning design and art direction is something of envy and inspiration.

@johanneaure – Johanne is living the Scandi life the rest of us could only dream of.


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