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Explore our programme and our building with our regular series of videos and short films

From interviews to scenes from the rehearsal room, find out more about the artists and creatives behind our events in our fortnightly videos on our YouTube channel. 

We also produce and commission short films inspired by the Barbican and our artists and record highlights from our talks series, such as Architecture on Stage. 

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Barbican Sessions

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photo of black top in the art gallery

Watch: Barbican Sessions #1- Black Top


In the first of our Barbican Sessions, Black Top, the duo of multi-instrumentalist Orphy Robinson and pianist Pat Thomas, perform a live concert after hours in our 'Basquiat: Boom for Real' exhibition.

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Photo of man playing piano

Watch: Barbican Sessions #2 - Felicita

In this Barbican Session, London-based electronic musician felicita performs Track 6 from the 2016 'a new family' EP in our Conservatory.

Barbican Meets

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Photo of astronaut Samantha Cristoforretti in Into the Unknown

Watch: Barbican Meets - Samantha Cristoforetti

We meet Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (who holds a few spaceflight records — including being the first person ever to brew an espresso in space) shares her thoughts on Science Fiction and what the genre can tell us about the future.

Short Films

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an amazing photo of the barbican centre entrance at night with some visitors waiting to go see a show in central london

Watch: Welcome by Paul Haworth

From finding your way inside the Barbican and stage set up to latecomers and no-interval performances, we celebrate a day in the life of the Centre, as seen through the eyes of a Barbican Host. 

Barbican Portraits

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a photo of the barbican centre's engineering room with pipes and other tubes

Watch: Barbican Portraits

Explore the unseen areas of London's Barbican Centre in this series of exploratory, behind the scenes videos leading you around, within and beneath the Centre's iconic architecture and intriguing spaces.