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Barbican announces world premiere performance of new Midori Takada and Lafawndah collaboration

Midori Takada and Lafawndah sit side by side with their eyes closed

Midori Takada and Lafawndah present Ceremonial Blue
Sun 7 Apr, Barbican Hall, 7.30pm
Tickets £20 – 35 plus booking fee

This World premiere performance of the new, Barbican-commissioned work Ceremonial Blue is a collaboration between the masterful Japanese composer and percussionist Midori Takada, and London-based devotional pop polymath Yasmine Dubois aka Lafawndah

Midori and Lafawndah first worked together in 2018 on Le Renard Bleu, an art and music film created by Kenzo and Partel Oliva, which reimagined the African myth of the blue fox. This Barbican commission continues and develops their partnership into an evening length show, with the music from Le Renard Bleu at its heart. Midori Takada and Lafawndah will be joined on stage by a cast of performers which will include contemporary Indonesian dancer Dian Bokir and Japanese group of chanting monks SAMGHA

Midori Takada makes a welcome return to the Barbican, following her solo performance at Milton Court Concert Hall in September 2017. Her output over the past 40 years weaves through solo, group and theatrical practices.  Her fascination with traditional African and Asian percussive language is captured on a series of now highly sought-after albums including her masterpiece Through The Looking Glass (1981/RCA) and her collaboration with Masahiko Satoh Lunar Cruise (1990/Epic-Sony) – both reissued to great critical acclaim in 2017. Takada’s work is born of a distinctly Japanese ceremonial and meditative musical sensibility, while also aligning itself with the ambient and Fourth World music explored by Jon Hassell, Don Cherry and Brian Eno. Her music has a crystalline quality that distils rhythms from around the world into transfixing minimalist dreamscapes. 

Lafawndah’s journey to her current incarnation has wound as unpredictably as her compositional style.  Her live shows have become an ever-evolving testing ground for ruptures in the seamless concert experience, pitting committed humour against relentless physicality - most recently applied to her carefully curated and created HONEY COLONY live concept which debuted in London in December 2018. Through her own self-directed music videos – such as for the recent single Joseph – and forthcoming visual art pieces, Lafawndah continues to grow a cinematic body of work which portrays a fascination with the counterpoints between music, body and space. Lafawndah's music has a spirit of maximalism: an overflow of detail, feeling and ideas. Her debut album will be released in the spring of 2019.

Produced by the Barbican 
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