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23 Apr – 13 May, 2014

Chris Marker worked across a multitude of fields that encompassed film, photography, poetry, graphic design, installation and new media. On all of these Marker has left a lasting mark, but it is chiefly as a filmmaker that he has come to be seen as a remarkable creator of seminal works. Following last year’s major exhibition at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris, the Barbican proudly joins the Whitechapel Gallery and Ciné Lumière in a celebration of the pioneer of the Film Essay.

La Jeteé + Sans Soleil (Sunless) (15) + Introduction - Wed 23 Apr 8pm

An unmissable double bill of Marker’s most famous films, showing in newly restored versions.

La Jeteé (France 1962 Dir Chris Marker 28 min)

A sci-fi classic made entirely of stills (except for one brief moving shot), La Jeteé expands as much as it contracts to open up cinema’s soul, bringing to life the post-apocalyptic story of a man obsessed with an image from his past. It won first prize at the 1963 Trieste Film Festival and was the inspiration behind Terry Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys.

Sans Soleil (Sunless) (France 1983 Dir Chris Marker 104 min)

Winner of The Berlin Film Festival and The British Film Institute Awards in 1983, Sans Soleil’s sublime use of collage intermixes imagery with philosophical meditation to expand the limits documentary cinema. It was shot around the world in places as far-flung as Japan, Guinea-Bissau, Iceland, and San Francisco.

A Grin Without a Cat (Le fond de l’air est rouge) (#) (France 1977 Dir Chris Marker 180 min) + Introduction - Wed 30 Apr 7pm

A two-part essay on collective memory. The title invokes a slogan from May 68. A film without a dogma that celebrates the promise of socialist ideas (the grin) at the same time as it reminds us that the brave new world they dream up (the cat) remains elusive and intangible as its twentieth-century try-out recedes into the past.

Showing in a world premiere restoration (with thanks to ISKRA)
A.K. + (One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich) (Une Journée D’ Andrei Arsenevitch ) (#) + Introduction - Wed 7 May 8pm

A.K (France/Japan 1985 Dir Chris Marker 75 min)

Following and interviewing Akira Kurosawa during the shooting of Ran on the slopes of Mount Fuji, this is a tender impression of the Japanese master at work, greatly instructive of his methodologies and relationship with his crew. Marker also uses the subject matter for his own overlapping poetic-philosophical celluloid-essay on Japan and on the making of a film.

Une Journée D’Andrei Arsenevitch (One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich) (France 2000 Dir Cris Marker 51 min)

Through close readings of Tarkovsky's films, Marker attempts to locate the great Soviet director inside his own work. Parallels drawn by Marker between Tarkovksy's life and films offer an original insight into the reclusive filmmaker. With behind-the-scenes footage of Tarkovsky obsessively commanding his entire crew during the film of The Sacrifice, interspersed with candid moments with friends and family, One day In The Life of Andrei Arsenevitch is a personal and loving portrait of the prodigious filmmaker.

Far from Vietnam (Loin du Vietnam ) + The Sixth Side of The Pentagon ( La sixième face du Pentagone ) (#)
+ Introduction - Tue 13 May 7.30pm

The Sixth Side of The Pentagon (La sixième face du Pentagone) (France 1968 Dir Chris Marker 28 min)

The date is October 21, 1967, when over 100,000 marchers assembled in Washington D.C. for the Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam protest. It was the largest anti-war gathering yet, bringing together a wide cross-section of liberals, radicals and hippies. For many, this marked the transition from simple anti-war demonstration to direct action to try and stop the war machine. Chris Marker was there with a camera.

Far from Vietnam (Loin du Vietnam) (France 1967 Dirs Chris Marker, Jean-Luc Godard, Agnès Varda, Alain Resnais, Claude Lelouch, William Klein, Joris Ivens 115 min)

It was during the chilling and feverish year of 1967 that an international collective of world-renowned filmmakers (including Alain Resnais, Agnès Varda, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Lelouch, Joris Ivens and William Klein) got together in a spirit of bonhomie and common purpose to make Far From Vietnam, a profoundly unapologetic anti-war film that sets the tone for what was to come in 1968.

In collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery and Ciné Lumière
The Whitechapel hosts the first UK retrospective gallery exhibition of his work


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