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The Alchemist
2 Sep 16 - 1 Oct 16 / Theatre
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Kathleen Ferrier: Whattalife!
A new play performed by Lucy Stevens with musical accompaniment, Whattalife! tells the story of one of Britain's phenomenal women of the 20th century: Kathleen Ferrier – from her debut as a singer in 1940 and her meteoric rise to her tragic death in 1953. Part of the Alumni Recital Series.
Part of: Milton Court Concert Hall events
30 Sep 16 / Milton Court Concert Hall
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The Machine
Prepare to become part of the workforce and join the production line for this interactive performance that plays with cause and effect.
27 Sep 16 - 8 Oct 16 / The Pit
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Backstage Tour
Discover how theatre comes to life with our 60 minute tour
Part of: Explore Barbican
10 Sep 16 - 1 Oct 16 / Barbican Estate
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Doctor Faustus
7 Sep 16 - 1 Oct 16 / Theatre
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Michael Clark on Screen: The Late Michael Clark (#) + Because We Must (#)
Charles Atlas and Sophie Fiennes introduce this striking double bill of films focusing on the work of Michael Clark.
Part of: Michael Clark on Screen
4 Oct 16 / Cinema 2
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23 May 16 - 7 Oct 16 / Foyers
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A Christmas Carol
2 Dec 16 / Hall
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Performance by Bedwyr Williams
13 Oct 16 / Curve Gallery
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