Do you have an object that conjures up thoughts of your family? Does your object bring memories of affection, funny moments or adventures great and small?

Chinese artist Song Dong's spectacular installation Waste Not — comprised of more than 10,000 objects collected by his mother over five decades — was a moving portrait of family life.

In response to the installation, Objects with Stories invited you to share thoughts about your loved ones. This could be mothers, father, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins and close friends. Join us to read stories of families, lessons learned or everyday life in this public collection of personal things.

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Terms & Conditions

By submitting your story you confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions, so please read them carefully.

1. Objects with Stories runs from 15 Feb–12 Jun 2012 and is free to enter. The project is open to anyone of any nationality, and of any age. Entrance under 16 are required to gain permission to participate (please see point 8).

2. To enter, photos and text should be submitted to the Barbican Centre's Objects with Stories email address:

3. Please send us high resolution digital photographs (1mb minimum) and up to 75 words of text.

4. Please be aware that there will be no prizes or payments for taking part, but if your story is selected, then it will be published on the Barbican's online platform and enjoyed by all who see it. A selection of the published stories will be shown at the 'Objects with Stories Live Event' (3 & 4 Mar 2012) and may be used by the artist Song Dong (see point 10).

5. You may submit as many photographs and stories as you like, however, all stories must be the entrant's own original work.

6. Due to limited capacity, we may not be able to publish every image and story that is sent to us. We may also need to edit those we decide to use. Stories will be published at the absolute discretion of the Barbican Centre.

7. When you submit an image and text to the email address provided, you are giving your permission to the Barbican and Song Dong to transfer your rights to use your image and text. To put it simply, that is the copyright, the right to reproduce them – and the moral right, permission from you to use them. You also maintain the right to publish and share your own individual image and text.

8. Entrants must ensure that any person or persons whose image is used in an entry has given valid consent for the use of their image. Any photographs which include persons under 16 must have the consent of that person's parent or guardian before being uploaded. Entrants need to guarantee that photos submitted will not infringe intellectual property, privacy or any other rights of any third party.

9. Objects with Stories is a participatory project which may exist in a number of forms. When you submit your story, you are agreeing that artist Song Dong and Barbican Centre may use it in all media, which may include print, exhibitions, presentations, publications, websites or other promotional material relating to the project. Once the project has been published, there is a possibility that there will be media coverage, which may refer to your story.

10. Entries may be used for a further art project created by the artist Song Dong and Barbican Centre. Song Dong/Barbican Centre has the right to use the photographs, stories and names of entrants, and any other media submitted for the publication. The Barbican Centre and artist Song Dong will do their best to respect entrants' moral rights, although both photograph and story may be cut, edited and cropped. The Barbican Centre and Song Dong intend to ask your permission if your image and text are to be used in any future art project that is separate from Objects with Stories.

11. All other terms and conditions of the Barbican Centre website apply. Visit the Barbican Centre Privacy Statement for additional details