John Cale & Liam Young

LOOP>>60Hz : Transmissions from The Drone Orchestra

12 - 13 September 2014 / 20:00

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LOOP>>60Hz: City of Drones
A Digital Landscape by Liam Young + John Cale + FIELD
Live at

Accompanying the live performances of LOOP>>60hz is an interactive digital environment, which will be part of the Barbicanís Digital Revolution exhibition and will also be hosted on The Space.

Developed by John Cale, Liam Young and digital artists FIELD, this interactive environment charts the story of a lost drone drifting through an abstract cityscape, and players are invited to pilot a virtual craft and remotely explore this imaginary world.

Painting the sky with aerial contrails and buzzing between the buildings the audio visual choreography echoes throughout the online landscape.

LOOP>>60Hz: City of Drones
is co-commissioned with The Space


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