Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail

20:00 / BBC Symphony Orchestra performing a new score by Neil Brand

31 October 2010 / 20:00

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'I've seen Blackmail many times but never like that - Neil Brand's score was amazing, it picked out so many details that you might miss without the music being there, and it really brought the film to life... this odd coincidence of people and light and chemicals trapped in this medium but somehow being conjured back to life before our eyes and ears in that [performance] was extraordinary.' Matthew Sweet - 'Caught on Film' BBC Radio 4

'Movies need viewers, and Bologna's biggest events were saved for the open air of the Piazza Maggiore, where at 10pm every festival night 5,000 seats beckoned delegates and Bolognese alike. Tuesday night was a particular thrill: the silent version of Hitchcok's Blackmail, accompanied by the premiere of Neil Brand's especially commissioned new score, arranged for full orchestra by Timothy Brock. As night set in, and the piazza gazed up at Anny Ondra's unravelling date in 1929 London, Brand's echt-Hitchcockian motifs and harmonies folded us right back into the drama, with all those commingling Bernand Hermann and Miklos Rosza references in tow.' The Guardian


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