Juana Molina + Max Tundra

A Domino Records Crystal Anniversary Event

5 October 2008 / 19:30
LSO St Luke’s

£15 / 17.50 (Doors open 7pm)

subject to availability
 sold out

Juana Molina/ Max Tundra

Juana Molina

Her music has been described as ‘like Astrid Gilberto undergoing dream theory analysis’ – for beneath some superficial Latin American effects lie highly original and discordant phrases and rhythmic patterns, creating a beautiful body of work full of repetition, rich harmony and mood shifts of beguiling intensity.

Molina uses her voice as an instrument in the most abstract sense; live, flanked by a bank of synthesizers and delay effects, her performances are a three-way exchange between the artist, the audience and whatever processes and re-processes the moods dictate.

Her past experiences on stage are evident in her confidence to take the audience deep into the physical space of a very loud sustained bass note or to unselfconsciously impersonate the sound of her neighbour’s dog. Her forthcoming album Un Dia sees her at her most beguiling.

'Molina is here to prove that Buenos Aires, best known musically for tango and politically charged lyrics, is now home to an intriguing new exponent of Latin chill.' The Guardian

Max Tundra
Originally known as Ben Jacobs – was a self-taught pianist who, with the help of  a Commodore Amiga 500 home computer and some cheap music software, began to explore the world of electronic composition. Triumphing over his meagre equipment, he released a single, Children At Play on Warp Records – the label having picked up on the lo-fi instrumental excursion when it arrived as a demo tape.

Thus began a diverse and eclectic musical career in which time signatures, genres and instrumentation have been given a thorough shake-up. His debut album Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be and his subsequent singles for Domino have given the world a set of dense, multi-textured, emotionally-charged tunes, each of which has a different story to tell.  His new opus, Parallax Error Beheads You will be released on Monday 13 October.

Part of A Domino Records Crystal Anniversary

Produced by the Barbican

Domino Records
Domino Records


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