London Symphony Orchestra/Half Six Fix

Stravinsky & Debussy

28 March 2018 / 18:30

For this short, one-hour concert, François-Xavier Roth immerses you in a world where music becomes more than mere sound.

The world of nature holds a power that man can never reach. A songbird brings an emperor back from the dead, and this parable by Hans Christian Andersen becomes a ballet by Stravinsky, where he must imitate the nightingale’s song.

Debussy tells the story of the eternal odyssey of the ocean. He sails through storm and calm, wind and rain, in music that rises and falls with the rhythms of the sea. The score is so vivid that you can almost smell sea salt, and see the crests of the waves.

Listen to these two pieces and their influence becomes obvious. But François-Xavier Roth will take you even further into the music by introducing each piece himself, sharing his insights and his thoughts on two modern masters.

Programme & Performers

Stravinsky Chant du rossignol
Debussy La Mer
Introduced on stage by the conductor

London Symphony Orchestra
François-Xavier Roth conductor


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