London Symphony Orchestra / Daniel Harding

Harding & Kavakos

18 February 2018 / 19:00

Daniel Harding leads a whirlwind musical tour from Russia to the heights of an Alpine peak.

Prokofiev wrote that his Second Violin Concerto was the product of his ‘nomadic concert-tour existence’, which took him from Paris to Baku, Madrid to Morocco. Despite this, its fluid, lyrical melodies carry more than a hint of the composer’s homeland of Russia, to which he was about to return, along with tinges of Spain in the finale’s clicking castanets.

Strauss’ Alpine Symphony is a different journey altogether. A vivid story of extremes, illustrated by a vast orchestra, it follows an epic ascent to the heights of an Alpine peak, with every daring step, sublime view and terrifying force of nature captured in the music.

Programme & Performers

Helen Grime Virga
Prokofiev Violin Concerto No 2
Strauss An Alpine Symphony

London Symphony Orchestra
Daniel Harding
Leonidas Kavakos violin


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