Jeff Mills: Fantastic Voyage

9 June 2017 / 19:30
Cinema 1
This event is now SOLD OUT. Browse the other concerts taking place as part of Jeff Mills's Barbican Residency From Here to There in June.

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Producer and composer Jeff Mills creates an electronic cine-mix to accompany Richard Fleischer’s 1966 sci-fi epic in an immersive screening of the film.

After an assassination attempt from Soviet spies, a crew of experts is shrunk to microscopic size to enter the body of a world leading scientist and save his life.

Mills’s trademark electronics provide an authentic sci-fi backdrop; space-ship style beeps, the pulsing of a heartbeat and ticking of time combine with surrounding sensory effects - to place you in the scene.

A massive undertaking in special effects and set design at the time, the film aligns the exploration of the human body with the ‘Space Race’ politics of the era – linking space travel with the search to know more about ourselves

‘When you come out you may never look at yourself in the same way again’ – 1966 trailer
Produced by the Barbican

Film in Focus is a year celebrating the power of the moving image and its influence across the arts.

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