Michael Gira + Thurston Moore + Laura Cannell

Saisonscape: New Life

30 March 2016 / 20:00

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Approximate set times:

8pm - Laura Cannell
8.30pm - Thurston Moore
9.30pm - Michael Gira

Please note that these set times are a guide and subject to change.

American musician, author, songwriter and frontman of the monumental Swans, Michael Gira performs as part of Art Assembly's Saisonscape: New Life, a triple bill of music that explores ideas of growth, rebirth and renewal.

Where Swans are earth-shatteringly loud, here Gira shows that he doesn’t rely on sheer volume to create music that hits you right in the pit of your stomach. Replacing his usual arsenal of amplification with lilting blues guitars and deep, crooning vocals, he performs a stripped-back selection of music from his Swans, Angels of Light and solo catalogues.

Joining Gira on the line-up, Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore – a peer and early collaborator in Swans, performs 12-string acoustic songs from his solo release The Best Day, alongside other pieces from his solo albums, and Laura Cannell weaves sweeping string loops that draw as much on the emotional influence of the landscape as the dissonant chords of medieval music.

This concert is the latest instalment of Art Assembly’s Saisonscape series that investigates the seasons through experimental music and sonic art. For more information visit artassembly.org.uk/saisonscape.

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