Discreet + Oblique: The Music of Brian Eno

+ Laraaji (clubstage)

26 September 2015 / 20:00

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1975 saw the release of Brian Eno’s pioneering album Discreet Music, a landmark in the development what he came to refer to as ‘ambient music’. To mark the album’s 40th anniversary, musical directors Leo Abrahams and David Coulter have devised a richly-imaginative live performance of this breathtaking work.

With Discreet and Oblique they aim to create an authentic recreation of Eno’s original concept, recreating Discreet Music’s shimmering, beautiful textures, while also suggesting ways that it can develop musically.

A specially-assembled ensemble - electronic musician Benge, saxophonist John Harle, violinist Emma Smith, cellist Oliver Coates and experimental jazz trio The Necks – will incorporate original equipment, including EMS synthesiser and Eno’s ‘Frippertronic’ tape looping system, to summon a unique realisation of Discreet Music’s magical sound-world.

Eno’s original liner notes for Discreet Music described ‘a new way of hearing music – as part of the ambience of the environment, just as the colour of the light and the sound of the rain were parts of that ambience’. This concert performance – incorporating various visual and sonic surprises – aims to pay tribute to, and give new life to, that initial, incredibly fertile vision.

Please note that Brian Eno is not performing.

Long-time Eno associate and fellow ambient pioneer Laraaji will give a post-show performance of his ‘celestial music' on the Barbican clubstage.

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Leo Abrahams music director
David Coulter music director
Benge electronics / synth
Emma Smith violin
Oliver Coates cello
John Harle clarinet
The Necks

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Discreet + Oblique: The Music of Brian Eno was commissioned for Supersense: Festival of the Ecstatic, presented by Arts Centre Melbourne 7-9 August 2015.

Produced by the Barbican.

Part of Transcender.

This season complements Head Trips: Films for the Inner Eye, a season of films that dazzle and elate.

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