Renée Fleming Masterclass

Part of Renée Fleming Artist Spotlight

6 February 2016 / 14:00
Milton Court Concert Hall


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Renée Fleming leads a masterclass with students from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama – sharing a lifetime’s artistry and insight.
Renée Fleming’s parents were both teachers, so a vocal Masterclass was always going to be central to her Artist Spotlight at the Barbican. 'I liken forming a voice, and in fact the whole artistic package, to putting together an incredibly complex puzzle', she says.

Today she helps assemble part of that puzzle with fledgling singers from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama – a role she takes intensely seriously. 'Nobody’s ever finished learning' she says.  'I’m still a student, I’m still working, I’m still learning.' And anyone who’s interested in singing, in teaching, or in the technical make-up of a great performing artist, can come and learn as well.

Part of Milton Court Concert Hall
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