Robert Henke: Lumière + Robin Fox: RGB

Two audiovisual laser performances which promise to blow your mind

19 July 2014 / 20:00

£10 – 15 plus booking fee*

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Robert Henke is a German sound artist who builds and operates machines that create sounds, shapes and structures. He is also responsible for groundbreaking techno productions under the Monolake moniker, which epitomises the ‘Berlin’ sound.

In his new project, Lumiere, Henke teaches lasers to dance.

Three powerful white lasers draw rapid successions of abstract objects, seemingly floating in space, while the data used to draw the shapes is transformed into audible frequencies. Laser patterns and sonic treatments are performed as a real-time dialogue between the artist and the audiovisual machine, highlighting the piece as an exploration of synchronicity and divergence, using light and darkness, slow movements and sudden bursts of sound and motion within the performance.

Henke controls the interaction of shape, colour and music from his computer, using laser beams to cut through the room to form intricate geometrical shapes – floating, ephemeral and divided by frequencies. He is the mediator between engineering science and audio-visual art, expanding the unique and exciting world of electronic music.

Robin Fox presents his latest show that employs three laser projectors: one red, one green and one blue. Sound and light are synchronous; you see and hear the electrical signal simultaneously. The work is extreme and immersive, creating a manufactured synaesthetic experience. At times sound is converted into light geometry, at others the image is sonified and the mechanics of the light drawing becomes audible. What you see is literally what you hear. The experience is ecstatic for both performer and audience. No photograph or video can approximate the sensation of being caught in this audio-visual maelstrom.

This production contains smoke, strobe lighting and lasers

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