Les Arts Florissants / Monteverdi Madrigals Book 8

Monteverdi: Madrigals of War and Love

24 May 2015 / 14:00, 19:30
Milton Court Concert Hall

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Monteverdi’s complete Madrigals of War and Love, performed by Les Arts Florissants over a single, immersive, afternoon and evening.

Monteverdi’s Madrigals of War and Love aren’t merely some of the richest masterpieces in all baroque music; they’re amongst the most expressive vocal and instrumental music of any era. Over an afternoon and an evening, Les Arts Florissants present them complete, allowing total immersion in their endlessly rewarding universe.

Written over three decades of Monteverdi’s life and published in 1638 with a dedication to the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III, the Eighth Book of Madrigals is a truly imperial entertainment, setting poets of the calibre of Petrarch and Tasso in an uncompromising exploration of the inner nature of Love, War, Betrayal and Intrigue. This is music that both demands and repays the highest possible level of commitment. Paul Agnew directs Les Arts Florissants, and takes time out between War and Love to chair an open discussion on these fascinating works.

Please note that this work will be performed across two concerts, details as below.

Programme & Performers

Monteverdi Madrigals Book 8

Madrigali Guerrieri
4.30pm – 5.30pm Talk and discussion
7.30pm Madrigali Amorosi

Les Arts Florissants

Paul Agnew Director

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Barbican Presents 2014–2015
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