London Childrens' Film Festival 2010

Our Young Jurors and Ambassadors get really involved in the festival, watching the films, learning how to review films with professional critics, meeting the press and investigating film making.

Our Young Jurors are aged between 7 and 11 and have viewed all of the official selection. They have been working on their film appreciation and critical skills throughout October half term and will be coming along to the festival to present the Film Club Short Film Award and Best Feature Award at the Closing Gala.

Our Young Ambassadors have been with us for a number of years and are our festival experts. As well as watching and reviewing films, they talk to the press and present the films at the festival.

To read their film reviews and hear the latest festival news, check the Young Jurors and Ambassadors blog.

Age: 12
Borough: Lambeth
My Favourite Film: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

What I like about the LCFF: I like that different children from different backgrounds, ages and boroughs have the opportunity to review amazing films and interview real actors and film makers. I am very thrilled about watching films from all over the world which are not usually shown in the cinemas, this is I think the most exciting thing about this festival.

Age: 9
Borough: Hackney
Favourite Film: Carlitos and the Chance of a Lifetime from LCFF 2009

What I like about the LCFF: Meeting other people that love films, reviewing the films and getting a chance to present them.

Age: 11
Borough: Harrow
My Favourite Film: Avatar

What I like about the LCFF: I really enjoy the way there are workshops that give you the chance to have a go at really exciting things like making your own films and cartoons.  I also really love the way that there are lots of different films shown during the festival that you would never the get the chance to see usually. 

Age: 12
Borough: Waltham Forest

What I like most about the LCFF: I like the LCFF because it is fun to watch and review films from around the world. I enjoyed making new friends and seeing films I would not have seen otherwise.

Age: 10
Borough: Waltham Forest
My Favourite Film: Bolt

What I like about the LCFF: I think it is a great opportunity to watch loads of great films and to let people know what films are like.

Age: 10
Borough: Islington

What I like most about the LCFF: I had the most amazing time as a juror in 2009, saw some wonderful films that I wouldn’t ever have seen otherwise, made some great friends, and my reviewing skills got better all the time.

Borough: Hackney
My Favourite Film: Brendan and the Secret of Kells which I saw at the LCFF 2009.

What I like most about LCFF: Where to start! I was a juror in 2009 and it was great. It was packed with activities like Make your own film trailer. The best thing about it...there’s no boring bits!