London Childrens' Film Festival 2010
FILMCLUB official selection

This year we’ve teamed up with FILMCLUB to create the London Children’s Film Festival FILMCLUB Official Selection.

This selection of short films has been chosen by the LCFF team and has been sent out to 70 FILMCLUB's across London who will be watching and voting over the coming weeks. On the final day of the festival, we will announce the film with the most votes as the winner of the London Children's Film Festival FILMCLUB Best Short Film 2010.

FILMCLUB gives pupils and teachers the chance to explore the world of film through after school film clubs. Click for more information on FILMCLUB.

LCFF FILMCLUB Official Selection 2010

The Squirrel and the Swallow
In this animation about a squirrel who befriends a swallow, the squirrel sends the swallow a letter from the page of a book so that he can follow the swallow’s story while he is in the south for winter.
Dir. Arjan Boeve, Netherlands, 6mins, 40 secs

Set in a child's imagination, Beyond shows that even when you're sitting on your own in the playground, you can create a fantastic adventure for yourself.
Dir. Tom Browne, Andrew Philips, James Tonkin, Alan Witts, UK, 2 min 20 secs

The Lonely Magpie

In this beautiful animation, Alex travels through a portal to a magical forest with talking animals. Alex promises the animals that he will go to the Magpie to get back all the things he has stolen from them and realizes that the Magpie isn’t a bad person, just lonely living at the top of a tree.
Dir. Campbell Morgan, UK, 14mins

The Little Boy and the Beast
A charming animation told from the point of view of a child who's mother is a beast. It looks at the impact of divorce on the family by using the metaphor of a little boy’s mother and father turning into ‘beasts’ while dealing with the depression brought about by separation.
Dir. Johannes Weiland and Uwe Heidschoter, Germany, 7min
German with English subtitles

An unusual animation about wax figures who dance around a candle. They go off on a journey to find a new light and have to work together to get there without melting or solidifying.
Dir. Mike Dacka, US, 5mins

9andahalf’s Goodbye
A little boy, who idolizes his older brother Tom, longs for a younger brother too, as he believes his head will explode if he doesn’t have someone to pass his wisdom on to! As consolation, his parents buy him a hamster, who he names 9andahalf.
Dir. Halina Dyrshka, Germany, 14mins
German with English subtitles

A comedy-animation about animals hanging on a mobile. A cow hangs by itself on one side of the mobile, and tries to make friend with an animal hanging on the other side. By trying to move across the mobile, the cow tips the delicate balance and causes hilarious mayhem!
Dir. Verena Fels, Germany, 6 mins, 24 secs