London Childrens' Film Festival 2010
Read what our Young Ambassadors and Jurors have to say about the films at this year's LCFF.

Our Young Ambassadors have their LCFF t-shirts- do you?

Monday 25th October

Eleanor on I am Kalam: Watch out for the part about the ghost!

Tuesday 26th October

Maelon, Eleanor and Matilda on The Great Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee:
We saw the screener so some animations weren’t finished, so I saw how they drew the pictures. Some parts were sketchy but it was interesting to see how they made the animation. It looked extremely time-consuming! It was very interesting to see “behind the scenes” – the technique of animation, the basic outlines of how it was made, and how much work had been put into it. The film was colourful and I was interested how noisy life is for small creatures.

Eleanor on The Indian: I’ve known someone in a similar position as Koos in this film and the outcome was accurate to what would happen in real life.

Jade on Kooky Spooky Short, A Bundle of Joy: This film turns from a bundle of joy to a bundle of scariness!

Matilda on The Indian: a few minor technical mishaps made us miss some crucial moments, but once we’d settled down we got completey gripped. I REALLY enjoyed watching this!!!

Wednesday 27th October

: We did a Newsround interview today. Film Star, here I come!

Eleanor: By the way, the LCFF will be on Newsround on CBBC! We also saw a film critic for the Evening Standard, Charlotte O’Sullivan and asked her questions.

Eleanor on Magic Silver: The mountain looks like Blue Gnome!

Jade on Magic Silver: I thought this film was magical.

Jade: I got on Newsround with a tiny microphone attached to my shirt!

Jack on Magic Silver: This film reminded me of Race to Witch Mountain. I was filmed by the BBC today. I may be on Newsround but I wasn’t interviewed. Boohoo

Salaahuddeen: I feel really nervous about the weekend. I am going on stage to present Moomins and the Comet Chase Opening Gala.

Sat 30 Oct

Gaia: Today we introduced the Moomins on stage in front of LOADS of people! I had butterflies in my stomach! But everything ran smoothly…

Salaahuddeen: Today I felt really nervous but on stage I felt fine.

Matilda: Cerrie Burnell’s daughter came on stage but Cerrie made a joke and the whole audience laughed. My mum and my brother were watching but it was very encouraging because I am not going to give my brother anything to tease me about! It was quite disconcerting when we went up in the lift because the door opened to reveal a life-size Moomin waddling about in a very cuddly-looking costume. I loved the cake served in the Pit. Warning: It is extremely easy to get lost in the Barbican!

Sun 31 Oct

Eleanor: We just did a green screen trailer workshop. We did Wizard Adventure! Last year we did Spy Story and this year it’s just as great. My favourite workshop. VERY COOL! You can get the trailer on DVD. The greenscreen works by replacing any green with a picture.

Jade: We made a trailer called Lord of the Vortex. I was just a passer by. It was really fun!

Salaahuddeen: I was dressed up as a good wizard (Alakasam). First we (me, Eleanor and Matilda) were flying in the clouds. Then I stole the evil Gaia sorcerer the crown. But when I gave the crown to Eleanor and we all disappeared. Weird!

Matilda: I was a young wizard and all the scenes I was in seemed to be in the air! First I had to fly through the sky, and then I had to fall through a time vortex.

Jack: I would have preferred to make an actual film.

Gaia: I was an evil wizard. Mwha ha ha! It was fun dressing up! I had a black silky cape with a hood. A mask with red sparkles and a pocket watch hanging from my t-shirt. And I had the crown until the good wizards took it away

Me and Matilda went on stage to introduce Monster Mutt but the microphone didn’t work, only at the end when Matilda said “Thank you”!

We were very pleased with our speech but the microphone didn’t work so I hope the people at the back heard. At the last second it came on, so my “Thank you” probably deafened the front row.