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The Bride and the Bachelors: Duchamp with Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and Johns

'Expect a headlong celebration of irony, absurdity and chance encounters. The spirit of Duchamp has never been more alive'
Financial Times
'Among a dazzling constellation of exhibitions, this is the most welcome and unexpected' The Guardian

'The triumph of this exhibition lies in how it manages to capture the current of live creative energy that crackled between these men' The Guardian

'It's just the kind of serendipitous magic that these artists had been aiming for' The Guardian

'This complicated story is beautifully told by the Barbican' Evening Standard

'Ten out of ten for...daring to grasp this stingy nettle and put on this really rather brilliant exhibition' The Sunday Times

'An oddly moving picture of affection and respect that leaves a lasting impression' The Times

'A deliciously tasteful, bonkers but touchingly pure and minimalist exhibition' What's on Stage

'A miraculous show' The Guardian

'There's so much to see and hear in this fascinating exhibition' Metro

'This exhibition is beautifully designed by French artist and filmmaker Philippe Parreno. It's a fascinating, clever survey...' The Arts Desk

'A multi-sensory, cross-arts exhibition that challenges the possibilities of the gallery space' Dazed Digital

'It's this spirit of placing the spectator firmly in the centre that informs the brilliant new show' Design Week

'Everywhere you look is a visual wonder; everything you hear, part of Philippe Parreno's clever experiential, organic mise-en-scene' Extra Extra

'This clever, thoughtful, elegant show amounts itself to a kind of dance performance across continents and generations...shaping the unboundly anarchic arena of art today' The Sunday Telegraph

'Alert and impassioned' Financial Times

'Unbelievably uplifting and joyous exhibition' BBC Radio 4 Saturday Review

'We really haven't seen anything like it' BBC Radio 4 Front Row

'An absolutely wonderful exhibition' BBC Radio London

'Essential viewing for anybody interested in modern dance' Dancing Review

'An exhilarating show' The Sunday Times

'A must-see this spring' INFO

'Life-changing' The Stage

'Duchamp himself would have cheerful put his hand up and declared 'guilty as charged' ' Sunday Independent

Théâtre de la Ville–Paris

'This absurdist tale's horror shakes the foundation. A smart, sleek production'
LA Times

'A grandly scaled production that easily fills the stage. Demarcy-Mota's staging marshals a host of stylish theatrical effects' New York Times

'Disquieting and burlesque, the play has been brilliantly staged' L'Express

'Very well done and very effective' Liberation

Gate Theatre Dublin
Barry McGovern in Watt

'An hour of pure delight. It strikes to the heart'
The Times

'The text is immaculate and Mcgovern's superb performance, directed by Tom Creed, is beyond perfection' The Scotsman

'Quite simply outstanding. I got an almost delirious joy from hearing, and seeing, this hour-long distillation of Beckett's novel' The Guardian

Cheek by Jowl
Ubu Roi

'A dazzling reinvention of a potty-mouthed classic'
The Arts Desk

'The company is brilliant, moving with physical fearlessness between elegance and hideous indignity' Times

'An excellently acted spree through grotesquerie... full of witty theatrical flourishes' Metro

'Crisply entertaining' Daily Telegraph

'Endlessly inventive and wickedly funny' Financial Times

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1 Jan 2013: The Bride and the Bachelors: Duchamp with Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and Johns