An audio-visual performance lecture on consciousness, from animals to artificial intelligence, hosted by BBC Horizon presenter and Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy. Featuring music by James Holden and visuals by one of us.

Please view on a desktop computer with your volume turned ON.

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1. Brief History of the Brain

The brain has fascinated and baffled us for millennia. Here's a whistle-stop guide to the exploded theories, wild misconceptions and bursts of insight that have shaped our understanding of this mysterious organ.

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2. Mapping the Brain

Recent scientific advances have ushered in revolutionary ways of imaging and monitoring brain activity. This rapidly-evolving field has given rise to some beautiful and thought-provoking images - and opened up some tantalising possibilities for the near future.

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3.Tricking the Brain

The human brain is one of the most complex and capable entities on the planet, but it's not perfect. Here you can see some examples of the mistakes it can make - and find out what those mistakes tell us about how it works.

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4. Networks of the brain

Can we measure consciousness? Is it a function of the number of connections in the brain? And if it is, could other networks, when they reach a certain size and complexity, attain a form of consciousness themselves?

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5. Altered States

James Holden, Etienne Jaumet, Tom Page and Camilo Tirado perform a piece of music to a backdrop of visuals by R James Healy, specially composed for Consciousness, and specifically designed to alter the state of neuronal activity in your brain.

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