Flickerfest, Australia’s premier short film festival, and the only one with Academy® accredited and BAFTA recognition celebrated its 20th birthday in 2011 by continuing to present the best new films from Australia and around the world! Featuring 108 films in competition in 2011, handpicked from a record 1793 entries.

Presenting its Sydney summer season each January on the beach and under the stars at Bondi Pavilion, Flickerfest puts the spotlight on the most exciting new creative voices in filmmaking, as well as a range of workshops, parties and special events celebrating short film throughout the festival season.

Over its past twenty years, Flickerfest has provided a platform for an impressive number of short films created by talented Australian filmmakers before they have attained international success with their feature film debuts. These have included Sundance awarded director David Michôd (Animal Kingdom), Cannes Film Festival winner Warwick Thornton (Samson and Delilah), Andrew Lancaster (Accidents Happen), Patrick Hughes (Red Hill), and Claire McCarthy (Waiting City).

Flickerfest is proud to present our latest crop of exceptional Australian short films at the London Australian film festival for the 13th year we hope that they inspire you with some of the hottest talents that exist and who are sure to become our faces to watch for the future.

In celebration of our 20th anniversary Flickerfest has produced a DVD featuring 23 of the most memorable Australian shorts from over the years to learn more about this and about our Flickerfest programmes please go to flickerfest.com.au

Full list of short films:

DIR: Andrew Ruhemann & Shaun Tan
WRI: Kate Schmitt
PROD: Sophie Byrne
A boy discovers a bizarre looking creature while out collecting bottle tops at the beach. Having guessed it is lost, he tries to find out who owns it or where it belongs but is met with indifference from everyone else who barely notice its presence, each unwilling to entertain this uninvited interruption to their day to day lives. For reasons he does not explain the boy empathises with the creature and sets out to find a place for it.

Flickerfest Winner 2011 – Best Australian Film; Academy Award Winner 2011 – Best Animated Short

WRI/DIR: David Michôd
PROD: Angie Fielder & Polly Staniford
A kid. His mum and dad. The sex and drugs. And the boy next door who watched the whole thing unravel.

DIR: Sophie Hyde
WRI: Danielle Wood
PROD: Bryan Mason & Sophie Hyde
Meredith has elephantiasis. That is, a burden of elephants. For years her neighbours, friends, family and students have been offering up stuffed, marble, magnetised elephants, even elephant shaped waffle makers, tea cups and pens. But you see, Meredith doesn’t even like elephants. She could have mentioned this, of course, but she knows that this imagined fondness of hers for elephants is proof of her jolliness, a huge joke against herself, and she knows that a jolly fat woman without jolliness is left with only one adjective.

WRI/DIR/PROD: Richard Vette
Fourteen-year-old Brendan is a gifted piano player with a crush on the new girl in town. With a little help from his sister, he may just be able to win her from the local dreamboat. A teenage comedy in the key of life.

DIR: Mairi Cameron
WRI:Tracey Walker
PROD: Desi Achilleos
Michelle swims lap after lap after lap at the local pool, trying to escape the humdrum of her domestic life and passionless marriage. When her clothes are stolen from the change room she must brave a nude ride on her old push bike where something even more thrilling and illicit awaits her in the dark.

DIR: Dimitri Ellerington
WRI: Dimitri Ellerington
PROD: Cecelia Ritchie
Meet Simon, a Master of the Universe having trouble getting through the day. - and that he may hold the key to furthering the species. 

DIR: Alethea Jones
WRI: Richard Davies.
PROD: Richard Davies and Veeran Naran
The once full fresh waters of Lake Denial are rapidly receding, leaving bogan residents Jack Kevin and Blandy with an uphill battle in keeping their charter boat business afloat - literally. But when a supernatural event alters Jack and Kevin's ability to function, just getting by becomes a whole new problem. A comedy that sorts out the sinkers from the swimmers.

Flickerfest Winner 2011 – IF Media Most Popular Film; Flickerfest Winner 2011 – Most Resourceful Film

DIR: Heath Davis
WRI: Heath Davis
PROD: Luke Graham 
Starring Brendan Cowell and Matilda Brown, Bee Sting takes in love and complications as a father and son fall for the same woman on the schoolyard.

DIR: Ashlee Page 
WRI: Ashlee Page
PROD: Sonya Humphrey
Returning home through the scrub after a night out, two teenage girls seek respite from the stifling heat. Fuelled by cheap alcohol and teenage hormones they make their way to an isolated fire-water tank, lured by the promise of cool water. Once inside the tank the intimate mood takes a dangerous turn when they discover they are trapped with no way out. 

Winner AFI Award Best Short Fiction 2010; Flickerfest Winner 2011 – Best Cinematography

DIR: Gracie Otto
WRI: Kate Schmitt
PROD: Lisa Shaunessy
An ailing bird watcher becomes obsessed with a seamstress living next door when he observes her luring birds into her home. He discovers that she needs the birds to survive.

DIR: Nigel Karikari
WRI: Gillian Bartlett
PROD: Donna Lyon
Along a dark and desolate highway, old-timers Frances and Judy run a tiny truck stop that makes the best vanilla slice for 100 kilometers. After closing up shop one cold and dreary night, their doorstep is darkened by a menacing shadow from their past. Just Desserts is a three-handed thriller with plenty of twists and turns‚ blood and guts, sexual tension, shameful secrets and a stone cold pie floater.
Can two old women take on their demon and dish him his just deserts?

WRI: Sean Byrne
DIR: Rob Beamish
PROD: Andy Canny and Donna McCrum
A young couple stumble home after a big night out. Their frisky interlude at a suburban tennis club lands them a role in a far more sinister, supernatural game and their opponents have a distinct home court advantage.

DIR: James F. Khehtie
WRI: Victoria Wharfe McIntyre
PROD: J.F.Khehtie, V.W.McIntyre
During the long years of World War II Australia’s small farming communities paid a terrible price. In the rural towns of New South Wales, one family each week discovered that their son or husband or brother or father would not be coming home. In the throws of such grief one seldom considers the man who delivers the news.

DIR: Christopher Stollery 
WRI: Christopher Stollery
PROD: Sunny Grace
A concerned father of a six-year-old boy takes it the wrong way.

Flickerfest Winner 2011 – Best Orginal Screenplay

DIR: Shideh Faramand
WRI: Shideh Faramand
PROD: Erfan Khadem
Husband! Marriage! Babies! Our reluctant bride's worst nightmare is about to come to life. Stuck at her younger sisters big fat Persian engagement party and surrounded by (seemingly innocent) Persian women intent on securing her a husband, she dodges and weaves the barrage of suitors and romantic setups like a pro. 

Vancouver International Film Festival 2010